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The Meetings

The PanoTools Meetings are an opportunity for like-minded photographers to get together and discuss life, the universe and everything. Oh, and panoramas as well. There is a bias towards PanoTools-based software, but everyone is welcome.

Once a year the community meets in an European City for 2 or 3 days, usually around end of july / beginning of august. In different sessions we're showing new hardware, software and recent projects of the community. The attendees are panoramic photography enthusiasts, hardware and software developers, panorama community and website operators and many more.

Usually after the conference we're organising excursions to scenic places near the meetings location (additional 1 or 2 days).

Feel free to join the main communications channel of our communuity, the PanoTools mailing list.
Also you may like to visit the PanoTools Wiki and our flickr group!

This Website is an evolution of the PanoTools Meeting Mailinglist, we used for organisation of the meetings in the  past.

Generally there are no meeting fees. You only will pay for your own travel and accomodation. For further information and to join discussions and planning or for suggesting your own talk / session, please sign up here for an attendee account. No registration data will be visible to the public. The registration is free.

You're invited to join our next meeting: