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Hugin new features


A demonstration of new features in the Hugin panorama stitcher. There have been three releases since the last meeting in Plymouth so there is a lot of interesting new stuff to see.


[slide] Hugin

  • Hugin - New features
  • Panotools meeting 2011 Vienna
  • Bruno Postle

[slide] Four releases in the last year

  • 2010.2.0 October 2010
  • 2010.4.0 December 2010
  • 2011.0.0 May 2011
  • 2011.2.0 August 2011

[1 Camera phone folder with several projects of photos]

Hugin Batch processor

  • Is a queue of tasks
  • Can detect projects in a folder full of photos
  • Can queue control point finding
  • Can find .pto projects and stitch them
  • Now default stitcher too
  • Minimises to task bar
  • Show a stitched panorama
  • Error logs

[slide] Cpfind

  • Multi-threaded
  • Integrated celeste cloud identification
  • Fisheye, wideangle photos supported
  • Multi-row and linear modes
  • Old autopano-sift-c is now redundant
  • Patent free

[2 Calibrate Lens photos with lines]

Hugin Calibrate Lens

  • Based on Tim Nugent's GSoC project
  • Set Peleng fisheye, focal length and crop factor
  • Remove bad lines
  • Peleng is almost perfect fisheye
  • Try as rectilinear, defish

[3 White Balance project]

Preview window

  • Background loading of photos
  • Grey point picker

[slide] Python interface

  • Python scripting
  • Python GUI plugins

[4 Lyme Park spherical project with various masks]

Mask tab

  • Stack and lens masking modes
  • Include masks visible across mask editor
  • Copy and paste masks
  • Overview
  • Overview layout mode

[5 Devon Partial panorama]

Preview window

  • dragging tagged photos
  • overview layout
  • overview grid
  • overview projections and crop
  • overview control points and identify
  • overview dragging
Session Style: 
Product Presentation
45 min
Date / Time: 
Monday, August 1, 2011 - 12:00 to 12:45